It begins with the dream. SA provides the management consultancy to achieve the clarity of thought needed for the vision of the business and personal goals.


What strategies are needed to achieve these goals and which of these have the best chance of success. What is the business doing that is right and what needs to be modified – are new people, products or services needed or should the business have greater focus and non-profitable activities be cut?


The Business Plan will be derived from this consultancy activity. It will set out broad objectives and how the vision will be communicated to the market and to the team responsible for delivery. The business plan will consider strengths and weaknesses and the market dynamics. It will set out financial objectives and the detailed steps to be taken.


These steps will be outlined in a comprehensive project implementation plan. This is a highly granular set of actions and resources needed to achieve objectives in complementary areas such as brand development, marketing collateral, product development, distribution and fulfilment.


Milestones will be embedded in the activity plan and cross referenced with financial metrics – turnover, cash flow, profitability and capital resources. These milestones will be regularly reviewed as part of ongoing consultancy and refinements to the plan made based on empirical evidence.


Aligning our success with your results

SA typically works on a co-venture basis: ensuring commercial arrangements are fully aligned with business success as an essential part of the team. Interested in forming a partnership – Arrange a Consultation