SA | Group announces the launch of Chronos Trading Limited.

  • 21 July 2023

The SA Group is pleased to announce the launch of its first trading partnership as a focus of its ambitions to create a globally regulated fintech business. The new business is a joint venture with the team behind the successful algorithmic trading system ‘The Chronos Strategy’ created in September 2021.

Trading exclusively on S&P 500 stocks, the world’s most liquid marketplace, The Chronos Strategy has delivered over 118% return in 2022, after the deduction of all fees and charges whilst using zero leverage and a risk management system which only places a fraction of the capital into the market.

Now with the support of management consultancy and capital funding from SA, this strategy is being placed into a fund for institutional investors.

Jon Hammond from Chronos said of the joint venture:

“Having been involved in trading and regulated investments for 25 years we have had a clear vision of how to deliver significant risk-adjusted returns with a focus on capital preservation. The Chronos Strategy has been developed rigorously over the last 5 years and we are excited by this relationship with the SA Group which will help us to build a strong business across multiple continents”.

Chronos is now seeking institutional partners who operate or have a commercial interest in the world of trading and artificial Intelligence to help support its growth by providing cornerstone investments or distribution capabilities within this new frontier of investment management.

Stuart Anderson, founder of the SA Group commented:

“We have been researching international markets to identify investment opportunities that have a genuine market differentiator and add value to investor portfolios – be these institutional or private wealth in nature. We are accordingly very excited about the prospects for fintech investments in the fast-emerging age of AI”

The goal over the next 12 months is to establish SA | Group as a global leader in artificial intelligence-driven fintech (Financial Services Technology Business. Building Funds under management to £100m from institutional clients by December 2024, producing revenues of £20m a year and creating a business with a market cap in excess of £100M.

SA | Group is a collection of diverse businesses supported at its core by Specialist Advisors Limited a UK-based, privately owned venture capital fund with core skills in the development of business systems and business growth through management consultancy.

The group’s focus is on the UK SME market as one of the major drivers of the UK economy and seeks innovative entrepreneurs to support and grow them, as ‘The Engine of Growth™’.

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