Healthcare industry gears up for BIO FILM week – 18-24 November 2023

  • 15 November 2023

Biofilm comprises communities of microorganisms that pose challenges in healthcare and industry, particularly food.

Found on surfaces from medical implants to pipes, biofilms can lead to infections and system clogs. Scientists are actively researching ways to manage and prevent biofilm formation, which is crucial for improving medical device safety and industrial efficiency.

The main focus of this week is to highlight the issues around biofilms and expand research projects around removal and prevention.

Infection Control: Biofilms resist disinfection on medical surfaces, elevating the risk of healthcare-associated infections, and demanding stringent preventive measures.

Device Complications: Biofilms on medical devices cause infections, complications, and increased patient risks, necessitating rigorous cleaning and antimicrobial material development.

Antibiotic Resistance: Biofilm-associated infections resist standard antibiotics, prompting the exploration of alternative treatments like antimicrobial coatings to improve outcomes.

Specialist Advisors has signed a joint partnership agreement between Medisanitize Industries Limited and Viro100 to launch the UKs first biofilm disinfectant product for the medical and food industry.

Yasin Bux Operations Director of Medisanitize Industries Limited said.

“We are excited to be the UK manufacturing hub for the UK’s first product to be taken to trial in the NHS. Our state-of-the-art factory in Lancashire has been working with the research team at Viroklenz for the last twelve months to develop a range of products using their advanced technology to combat some of the leading issues the NHS faces with biofilm proliferation.”

Leading researchers at Viroklenz said.

“Having worked alongside international chemical blenders for the last few years we are excited to see this partnership take this research and bring it into a viable and commercially successful product. Biofilms are a major source of infection, and our Log 8 tested product has the highest removal and cleaning rating in the UK”.

Stuart Anderson, founder of Specialist Advisors said of these developments.

“Our strategy is to identify promising opportunities in the UK manufacturing and healthcare sciences sectors, focusing on SMEs for substantial growth. Through strategic equity investments and comprehensive management consultancy, we aspire to foster the transformation of innovative ideas into successful commercial ventures.”